Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Maybe I'll paint today...

I'm a painter. Some days, anyway. Some days I look at my growing pile of gray plastic and metal miniatures and think to myself, "I need to get some of these off my table and into the fight!"

I'll be updating this blog with pictures of my latest and greatest. OK, so maybe not the greatest, but I'm still learning. And I plan to always be learning.

For my first set of pictures, I'll be posting pictures of my Malifaux minis. I'm particularly proud of my viktoria.

Both of these are Viktoria. The model on the right is slightly modified. I wanted to emphasize the nonchalant-ness of the model so I switched the hands. The swords usually point forward, but after switching the hands, theyre now pointing backwards. The thumbs are all wrong, but you'll have to look real real close to notice.

The Viktoria here is the bounty hunter of the two. I wanted to blend her coat from a bright blue at the top to a rich purple at the bottom. This being one of the first times I've had an expansive piece of cloth to deal with, I think it turned out pretty good.

I even was bold enough to try my hand at some freehand at the base of the coat.

Here is the progress of the other Viktoria. I'm giving the model a pale blue tint to her skin. Hoping to give her a slightly ethereal look to her. I want to try to do something to her hair to reflect as much, but I'm not sure what exactly I'll do.

Here's the rest of my crew - the Friekorps!

The leader: Von Schill
Still need a bit of work done on him. 

The healer: Librarian
I was going through some experimenting with basing. This base is made using dried toilet paper. But as long as it dries, it makes a good looking rock!

The grunts: Friekorpsmen
Have since been based, and a few last touchups done.

The heavy: Specialist
Need a Flammenwerfer? Here's just the model!

The gun: Trapper
Pinpoint accuracy from great range.